Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Chambers County Library System – January, 2017

Please forgive the late writing of this monthly report, but January passed us by as quickly as it came!  On the administrative side of things we spent time with our regular vendors, set up our 2017 budget, dealt with the day to day operations of running a library system, and focused on upcoming activities for the new year.  We’re looking forward to starting our 2017 purchases in the next couple of weeks.

On the 9th, the Chambers County Library in Anahuac celebrated its 9th year with book club.  Members gathered at Iguana Joe’s in Mont Belvieu to discuss their latest book, Homegoing.  Staff member Jennifer Kellum is in charge of the Anahuac group and states that the secret to their long success is the unity that is formed with the members.  “Everyone has different tastes, I get suggestions for titles from the members and sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s not!  But that’s what makes book club great.  The members not only discuss their book title each month, they also use their time to talk about what’s going on in the world and in their lives.  They eat great food, read something they might not otherwise read, and it’s a fun way for them to stay involved with the library and community.”  A few upcoming titles for 2017 include, Take me with you by Agatha Christie, and The Bette Davis Club by Jane Lotter.  The Juanita Hargraves Memorial Branch in Winnie is in their 5th year.  Staff member Mary Abshire leads the group.  Upcoming titles include, The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck, and Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford.  The Sam and Carmena Goss Memorial Branch in Mont Belvieu began an inspirational book club that is also in their 5th year.  Staff member Kellee Traylor will be taking over the club and will begin to include a wide variety of titles for the group.  Kellee decided to name her book club, “The Best Lil’ Book Club in Texas”.  Their upcoming book for March is At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen.  Check with your local library for meeting times and dates.  You’ll get hooked on good books, good company, and good conversation. 

The Juanita Hargraves Memorial Branch in Winnie held an adult movie night on the 12th.  GED prep classes also continue there every Tuesday at 5pm. 

The teens at Mont Belvieu were treated to a Japanese themed event called Yukikon.  Teens enjoyed videogames, a ramen noodle bar, crafts, trivia, a drawing contest, and movies.  Staff member Shelby Fielding organized the event and her efforts proved successful with over 20 teens joining in the fun. 

Staff member Lori Knapp held a “Kombucha 101” class at Mont Belvieu on the 24th.  It was standing room only as participants tasted different types of Kombucha, heard about its health benefits, and learned how to make their own home brew.  Everyone was given a “scoby” to take home, which is like a starter for the popular tea blend.  

At Anahuac, the ever popular crafting classes still boasts a long waiting list.  Monthly adult craft club is held the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and a homeschool craft group meets the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Sewing classes are also held on random times throughout the year.  Registration is required for crafting classes.  Sign up early to reserve your spot!

And of course each of the libraries offer a weekly Storytime and Babygarten program.  These programs are targeted towards our tiniest patrons with stories, songs, activities, crafts and more. 

Until next month!

Kombucha 101 at Mont Belvieu

9th Anniversary of Book Club at Anahuac

Adult craft club at Anahuac

Homeschool craft club at Anahuac

Pajama storytime day at Winnie

Teens enjoying Yukicon at Mont Belvieu

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