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November @ the Library

Chambers County Library System – November, 2013
Summer Reading is still a long way off, but that didn’t stop us from planning!  Usually, we have our Summer Reading planning meeting in February, but with the State Library now merging with the National Summer Reading Program, our deadlines have been pushed up a bit.  On the 15th, we had an afternoon planning meeting that lasted 4 hours.  The Branch Librarians, Children’s programmers and Teen programmers all attended to toss around ideas and nail down the specifics for 2014.  Next year’s theme is by far the best I’ve seen it in my 17+ years at this library, and the staff agrees; it’s going to be a fun summer and we can’t wait to kick off with fun activities and programs for all ages.  Of course, we start soliciting our local businesses for donations, so if you’re reading this and want to throw a few bucks our direction specifically for Summer Reading, be our guest!  All donations are tax deductible, and you get lots of free publicity. 

On the 12th, the Library Advisory Board met for their last quarterly meeting of the year.  We had several policies to update, which were all discussed and approved.  All our library policies are available on our website as well as the circulation desks at each branch for the public to view.  Board members were asked to renew their terms on the board, and with the exception of one member who is moving, everyone agreed to stay with us another 2 years.  Our current Board members representing all parts of the county include, Sam Little, Carolyn Caldwell, Marlin Moore, Youngshin Cobabe, Chris Ramsey, Sarah Kathan, and Katie Jackson.

In programming news, Anahuac held a “Technology Petting Zoo” to introduce patrons to the latest techie devices.  Two representatives from Best Buy brought the new iPad, Surface, Kindle and other devices to let patrons get a hands on feel for what they might want to wish for at Christmas.  Staff members were also on hand to answer questions about the library’s downloadable books, or other databases accessible from the latest gadgets.  Our downloadable book statistics continue to climb increasing 20% from last year. 

Winnie held a tween program to promote the latest installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  Staff member Kim Silcox had 15 youngsters enjoy book related games and activities.  Programs that tie into book releases are always a big draw for the kids. 

Libraries get a lot of foot traffic, and sometimes our carpet lets us know.  Special thanks to the maintenance department for allowing their employees time to work on the weekend for carpet cleaning.  The Anahuac and Mont Belvieu branches all have nice, clean carpet that desperately needed cleaning.

The Anahuac and Mont Belvieu branches held movie field trips to the latest Hunger Games movie. 
When Hollywood interprets books that are popular with the teens, we take advantage and let them have some fun critiquing the movie with their friends.  Field trips aren’t that often, but they are certainly popular with the older teens!  Of course we have ourselves covered with permission slips and county employees as drivers.  It’s a perk of the job, even if it is after hours. 

Until next month!

Anahuac teens at the movies!

Mont Belvieu teens at the movies!

Checking out the cool new gadgets at the Technology Petting Zoo at the 
Chambers County Library in Anahuac

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