Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Chambers County Library System – May, 2016

Over 11,000 people visited the county libraries in May.  A 12% increase from last year.  Typically, we’d say May is our slow month, but with the excitement of summer reading, and the new Sam and Carmena Goss traffic increasing, we’re quickly seeing Chambers County residents use all of the libraries in the county more than before. 

Children’s story hours went on hiatus the week of May 2 while we printed and distributed over 5,000 flyers to the schools about our scheduled events for June and July.  We do a huge percentage of our system’s annual circulation during this period, as the children pour in to our programs and pick out books to fill their summer hours.  Our corporate sponsors increased by 13% this year showing the continued growing support from the community.  This year our plans include kangaroos, sno-cones, magic, movies, tie dye, videogames, hula hooping, among other scheduled programs.   We’re looking forward to another fun and successful summer!

GED classes will continue this summer every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm in Anahuac.  Classes begin June 6.  ESL classes ended for the summer and will resume in the fall with their regular Tuesday and Thursday schedule. 

May is the time of year we prepare budget packets for the upcoming budget year.  Each year, we make notes on items or services we would like to add for the citizens of the county.  This year, we’re asking for additional online services, an increase for some capital projects, and additional money in our materials budget.  We always ask for items we need in order to maintain our level of service our patrons have grown used to. 

In programming news, County Librarian Valerie Jensen taught an Introduction to Cheese-making class to the Anahuac book club group on the 10th.  Samples were given, and each person made their own mozzarella cheese during class. 

The staff at the Sam and Carmena Goss Memorial Branch was overrun with tours from the local school.  Eager teachers and their kiddos scheduled tours throughout the month to learn the lay-out of the new library.  The kids had the chance to hear about summer reading, see the Children’s Activity Room, and hear about all the resources available to them throughout their school year. 

The staff at Anahuac held several craft programs for adults and kids.  Adult craft club continues to be a standing room only program.  It’s definitely the place to be in town on the 2nd Wednesday of the month!  The last sewing session with Mrs. Brown was held on the 25th.  Her classes will continue in the fall.  Homeschool students were also treated to a summer craft on the 18th.  The homeschool clientele continues to grow, and making them aware of the resources we have in our library system is of prime importance. 

Anahuac teens had a “Just Dance” program on the 5th.  The newest version of the game was generously purchased by some of our Friends members.  Teens at Mont Belvieu enjoyed a game day with board games and snacks.  

Until next month!

Cheese-making with Valerie Jensen

Children's Librarian Jinnie McLennan at Mont Belvieu

Craft club at Anahuac

Tours with Barbers Hill ISD kids with Kara DeLaughter

Last storytime at Winnie

Sewing 101 with Mrs. Brown

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