Friday, November 07, 2014

Chambers County Library System – October, 2014

Total Circulation for the month of October:  15,876

October always brings a line-up of Halloween activities for the kids and teens.  Anahuac and Winnie held after hours events for the teens, and all 3 branches provided programs for the pre-school and after-school age crowds.  All events were huge successes with standing room only in the libraries.  

Hispanic Heritage month ran through October 15th and Branch Librarian Aquilia De la Cruz provided a themed movie night showing a movie on the life of Cesar Chavez. 

Teen Read Week ran from October 12-18.  During this week, teens are encouraged to visit the library and participate in programs provided by the staff.  Teen Read Week is an initiative by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) to encourage teens to read and become lifelong library users.  To celebrate Teen Read Week, the Anahuac branch held a “Bookface” contest where teens found a book with part of a face on the cover and held it up to their own face to create fun and (sometimes creepy) images.  The winner was Araceli Chavez; stop by the library to see her creative picture! 

The West Chambers Branch in Mont Belvieu held online registrations for The Rose Mobile Mammography unit coming on November 12.  Registrations have exceeded expectations to the point extra time slots were added to accommodate everyone.   

Several pre-k classes at Barbers Hill ISD in Mont Belvieu came for a library tour with children’s librarian, Krystine Gonzales.  The little ones enjoyed hearing about all the fun things the library has to offer and listening to stories.  Each child also had the opportunity to go in the staff workroom and check in a book.  It’s great to see teachers with an interest in the local library, and also see the kids come back to visit with their parents.   

Fire Prevention Week was held October 5-11.  The little ones enjoyed visits from the local fire departments and got to explore the fire trucks from Mont Belvieu and Oak Island.  A big thanks to our local heroes who took time to visit the library. 

On the 8th, the Friends of the Chambers County Library System held a fundraising meeting to begin their quest to raise money for the new Sam and Carmena Memorial Branch Library in Mont Belvieu.  Members of the Friends board worked hard to gather materials and finalize the details before approaching potential donors.  The new library will have great visibility in the community and we hope that the local businesses and industries consider one of the many naming opportunities available. 

The staff at the Winnie branch did some rearranging at their library.  Staff member, Kim Silcox worked hard on moving books, furniture, and shelves in order to make an inviting, more accessible space for the teens.  Special thanks to maintenance and their trustees for handing the heavy stuff.  
Next time you’re at Winnie, check out the new teen section!

On the 10th, we held our annual Summer Reading planning meeting on October 10th.  This is the earliest we’ve ever held our planning meeting, but with deadline changes with the Collaborative Summer Program we needed to move things up a bit.  At the meeting we brainstorm ideas for programs, go over dates and details, and talk about new ideas that we can incorporate for the next year.  We think everyone’s really going to enjoy what we have in store for 2015.  We’ll be doing some big changes, and it’s going to be SUPER! 

And finally, we said goodbye to Teen Librarian Toya Peters at the West Chambers Branch in Mont Belvieu.  Toya moved on to a different line of work, but we’re happy to say she’s able to use some of the skills she learned at the library at her new job.  Toya planned and coordinated teen programming for the past 3 years, and was an exceptional employee who provided fun and creative programs for the teens. 

Until next month!
Valerie Jensen, County Librarian
Araceli Chavez - Teen Bookface winner

Minions dressed up for Halloween!

Oak Island Fire Department visiting storytime during Fire Prevention Week

Mrs. Michelle and a member of the tiniest SWAT team!

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