Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Chambers County Librarian welcomes you to this marvel of modern technology. When I arrived at the library system 11 years ago (June, 1995), we had a total of two computers in the system. Today, thanks to the support of the County, the State Library, a host of grants, and the federal "e-rate", we provide access to the Internet with 26 public access machines. The libraries provide access to fax machine services, copiers in color or black and white, classes to learn to use computers and software, and scanners for copying documents to computer files.

Our webpage has been in place since 1998, but it has been only in the past year that it has become more than a plain Jane. Thanks to our WebMaster Kathy Fielding, and our Assistant County Librarian Valerie Jensen, the page looks great! Valerie began our Teen Blog last year, and the area youth find it a wonderful source of library-related information. They are also very good about sending us comments. We hope the addition of the Librarian's Blog to the webpage will inspire techies of all ages to send us comments on topics that I address, or on issues related to the library that haven't come up before.

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