Thursday, June 13, 2013


Chambers County Library System welcomes new Assistant County Librarian

The Chambers County Library System is delighted to welcome Annie Vass to its staff.  Mrs. Vass started May 1 as the new CCLS Assistant County Librarian and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.  Having attended the University of Houston-Clear Lake, where she received her BA and MA in literature and film, Mrs. Vass will graduate with her Masters in Library Science from the University of North Texas in August. Before joining the Chambers County Library System, Mrs. Vass worked at the University of Houston Library where she tended the circulation desk, checking out patrons, monitoring accounts and answering reference questions, as well as behind the scenes in the processing of documents and keeping up with the day-to-day running of a library. Mrs. Vass is also a financial aid specialist, an added bonus for the library users in the county.  When asked why she wanted to be a librarian Mrs. Vass responded, “The more time I spent in and around libraries, the more I knew I wanted to be a part of these fantastic hubs of learning, sharing, and fun.”  Just a few of Mrs. Vass’ duties include visiting the branches, assisting with grant writing, monthly statistical reports, cataloging, staff training, and much more!  Mrs. Vass and her husband, along with their beagle mix, Buford, will be relocating from League City to the Anahuac area later this year.  The library is happy to have Mrs. Vass on staff, so next time you’re in, stop by and say hi!
May always seems like the “calm before the storm”.  With storytime ending the week of the 6th, Summer Reading is knocking on our doors starting June 10th, and the staff has been feverishly preparing, decorating and finalizing any last minute details to get ready for our busiest time of the year.  This year we’re doing things a little different.  June 10th-14th is considered “Kickoff Week” at a branch near you.  Check out the Summer Reading flyer or our website to see what fun activities your library has in store during the first week of summer.  Kickoff week is aimed at registering kids and teens for Summer Reading, and also offers different activities to kids each day. 

May also brought some good news for the West Side residents.  A bond was passed with the City of Mont Belvieu, along with a donation of land from Barbers Hill ISD towards the new library project.  Chambers County and the Library staff are thrilled at this partnership of County/City/School, demonstrating a huge amount of support.  We can’t wait to move forward and see this long awaited library start to take form. 

The Library Advisory Board met for its quarterly meeting last month.  A couple of items were up for discussion and will be voted on at the August meeting.  The Board members are always eager to voice their concern and feedback on library policies.  Board members serve two-year terms and during that time become very familiar with the fundamentals of the library. 

In programming news, the Anahuac branch held its 6th annual Ana-Con on the 11th.  Ana-Con is a mini anime convention for teens in the area and this year the attendance did not disappoint.  With close to 100 teens (and several adults) everyone had a wonderful time participating in drawing contests, dance panels, Ramune drinking contests and more.  Several people came dressed in their best character outfits to show off during the “Cosplay” portion of the day.  The Anahuac Anime club was started in 2006 and the charter members from 6 years ago still have a hand in giving the young kids advice – those past club members are now college graduates.  It’s great to see how much the library has an impact on young people.

Rounding out the month were the usual movie nights, craft clubs, genealogy groups, writers’ groups, book clubs, teen programs, GED, ESL and more. 

Until next month!

Assistant County Librarian, Annie Vass
Ana-Con, 2013


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