Monday, June 04, 2012


Chambers County Library System – May, 2012

The month of May tends is the time we tie up loose ends getting last minute details ready for Summer Reading.  This year, thanks go Graphic Arts, we printed over 10,000 sheets of paper to promote the children’s, teens, and adult programs for June and July.  The flyers then had to be folded and distributed to the schools, and in several cases, staff went to the schools to present previews of coming attractions.   Our local UPS driver was working overtime delivering all the reading incentives, prizes, giveaways and program supplies.  Registration bags were stuffed, sponsor displays created, signs telling kids how to earn coupons (by reading books, of course) and huge wall displays went up at every library site showing off the “Get a Clue…at the Library!” theme.  And our website has been donned with the State themed clipart with links to our events flyers.  It’s always the most popular part of our website this time of year.  So next time you’re in one of the branches, check out the walls, register for summer reading, and enjoy the fun activities the staff have worked hard preparing for you!

All of this activity wouldn’t be possible without our Friends of the Library.  They’re the major underwriter for Summer Reading and their efforts with fundraising (especially book sales) throughout the year are the reason we are able to offer such great activities each summer.   The Friends are currently working on their summer newsletter to be available soon so you can see what they’ve been up to all year.  Other supplemental funding for Summer Reading comes from the County and any grants we can get our hands on.  This year the library received grants from ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart and Dollar General.  Along with those 3 donors, the library system has a total of 56 sponsors who donated time, money or coupons.  Our programs tend to get more exciting each year, which attracts more and more kids, teens and adults and that’s the goal of the Summer Reading Program and the Library – to create readers and lifelong library users.

The beginning of the month the County Librarian judged the artwork at the Youth Project Show along with County Auditor, Jerry Sparks.  This month was also the quarterly Library Advisory Board meeting.  The Board meets to discuss and vote on any changes or updates in policy.  This month they approved the Staff Cell Phone Use Policy and heard updates from the County Librarian.  

Staff member Nikki Beltram taught her 4th Excel class for county employees in May.  Each class fills up within a couple of days and tends to be the most sought after class.  Employees who attend always give great feedback and leave wanting more. 

It’s hard to decide what else to report on this month, since so much has been happening. The most dramatic has to be our burglary at the Anahuac library at the beginning of the month.  Who would want to break into a library?  Well, we obviously have something worth coming for!  It’s sad that someone had to damage property to gain just a little in return.  Fortunately, there are leads and the damages have been repaired.

 And to end the month another one of our big events took place on the 26th.  Ana-Con is in its 5th year and continues to be a huge success.  This mini anime convention attracts kids, teens and adults from the immediate and surrounding areas.  This year 84 people turned out for a day full of events.  Staff member LaShebia Haskin and the Anahuac Anime Club worked hard to make this year’s event run smooth.  Check out the teen blog for a movie recap of the day. 


Winnie staff working hard to stuff Summer Reading bags!


 Volunteers at Mont Belvieu – Keela Sylvia and Beth Sellen


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