Monday, June 12, 2006

The library system received wonderful news this month from two different corporate sources. The Entergy Foundation presented a check for $200.00 as part of their annual corporate giving plan. Late in the month, the Texas State Library sent paperwork on the Gates Foundation Public Access Computer Hardware Upgrade grant (Gates PAC HUG). The libraries received a grant from the Gate Foundation back in 1998, and this new grant, which will total $5,000.00, will help replace the old machines. In a related item, Loan Star Grant Funds are paying for a wireless desktop for Anahuac with a Spanish language operating system and Spanish language Office software. The Lone Star Grants are part of direct aid to the libraries of Texas from the State Legislature/State Library.

Our county youth continue to make us proud to have them in the libraries. Anahuac featured a lock-in on the last day of school, and the major power outage that covered mid-county ended just in time for the wild rumpus to start. When planning the events for the lock-in, the teens informed Assistant County Librarian Valerie Jensen that if they were not allowed to turn over the net proceeds to the library for books and DVDs, they were calling off the lock-in. These are true Friends of the Library System, indeed!

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