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September @ The Library

Chambers County Library System – September, 2012

September seems to have been a blur at the library.  With so much going on it seems like our “slow” months have officially disappeared.   September kicked off fall programming at all the libraries with Toddler Time, and Teen Advisory Boards back in full swing.   Here’s a snapshot of just a few things we did last month.

In September the library had quite a presence around the county.  The Anahuac branch had an educational booth at Gatorfest passing out library publications, bookmarks and tons of promotional materials for the hundreds of people who stopped by.   It’s always great to see the people recognize and compliment us on a job well done!  Branch Librarian Aquilia De la Cruz also represented the library at the Anahuac Elementary Open House event on the 24th.  The Juanita Hargraves Memorial Branch in Winnie has a weekly “mobile library” at the Arboretum of Winnie.   Each week the staff rotates bringing books and magazines, and a couple times a month they also treat the residents with a story or two.  The West Chambers Branch in Mont Belvieu continues their outreach at the middle school promoting teen services at the library.  Hitting the classrooms is a huge factor in the success of our programs and it pays off!  Overall, the staff held 15 outreach programs to 1,699 people in September. 

Kim Hart with the Mont Belvieu branch started her Homeschool programs last month and was received with over 100 kids and their parents attending.  Kim’s idea to divide the Homeschool program into 2 units was a success, focusing on a book club and science club to better target the needs of the Homeschool demographic.  In October she plans on having a curriculum swap so parents can exchange curriculum materials.  Also at Mont Belvieu, staff member Lori Knapp held her first book club meeting with 14 patrons in attendance.  Each of the libraries now offer book club meetings and it’s obvious with Anahuac about to start on year 5 of their book club, the other branches are eager to get started. 

Lesa Boutin with the Anahuac branch held a “Grown-up” movie night featuring the British program, Downton Abbey.  The hugely popular television series was brought to life with beautiful china teacups and lace doilies decorating the room.  Those in attendance also learned the British National Anthem; it was quite the adventure and a good time was had by all. 

County Librarian Valerie Jensen attended the Lee College Educational Opportunity Center meeting where local librarians and faculty meet to discuss how to better serve the educational needs of the people in our community.  Currently, GED and ESL classes are held in Anahuac.  We’re working on some additional services early next year to assist with Financial Aid and GED testing.  Earlier in the month, Valerie also instructed a staff training class for newly hired staff as well as those who wanted a refresher course.  Each year the library tries to have as many training opportunities as possible so we can better serve our patrons. 

Until next month!
Larry Hansing with Dignity Memorial teaches seniors how to avoid scams and fraudulent situations

Staff member, Lesa Boutin at the Library's educational booth at the Texas Gatorfest


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