Friday, January 07, 2011

Chambers County Library System – December 2010
Drum roll please…..2010 results are in!
Total items checked out: 229,786
Total walk-in traffic: 171,723
Total computer logons: 26,909 (Not including wireless or remote logons)
Total kids, teens and adults attending library programs: 10,846

Whenever we get the chance, we love to brag about our dedicated and talented staff and the hard work they do throughout the year. The numbers above should make anyone proud, especially the patrons who have responded so well to our efforts to provide them with what they want.

December was full of activity at the libraries. The Friends held their “Gently Used Book Sale” at Anahuac on Dec. 3rd and 4th bringing in the largest profit in quite a while. The meeting room was buzzing both days with people loading boxes of books to add to their own personal collections. Donated items tend to take up a lot of space at the libraries and on our weekly site visits we bring whatever has been donated back to Tech Services until the next sale. We’ve been extremely fortunate that most of the time, the trustees have been available to haul boxes from branch to branch for upcoming sales.

Santa made appearances at all the libraries’ after-school Christmas programs. He was the main attraction as the kids waited patiently to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. The children’s librarians do a great job of planning activities for the kids and it’s always a treat to have Santa take a break from his busy schedule to stop in.

The teens at the West Chambers Branch had their first field trip to the movies. Twenty teens attended the debut of the movie, “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. The teens enjoy seeing books come to life on the big screen and always say “the book is better”!

Libraries get a few opportunities to apply for grants each year and one of those is the Texas Book Festival grant. The Texas Book Festival started in 1996, and their mission is to provide additional financial assistance to the state’s public libraries. Since 1996, the Festival has awarded over $2 million in grants to over 600 Texas Public Libraries. Chambers County Library System has received several in the past, and we have applied again this year for additional funds to update the non-fiction and audio book collections.
Santa at the library!

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