Wednesday, December 03, 2008


And the beat goes on and on and on

Chambers County Library System – November, 2008

One wonders how the staff manages to pack so much activity into one month. With our residents still dealing with storm issues, you’d think they wouldn’t have time to venture to the library for anything more than a fax to FEMA, but many sought us out as an escape from what they had to deal with at home. Here are a few examples: Rhythmic Movement for Seniors program, which was held for 3 weeks at Anahuac. It taught senior citizens simple exercises designed both to improve mobility and to add depth to their mental faculties. Additional sessions are planned after the first of the year and will carry special invitations to veterans.

Young Adult midnight field trip to the opening of the film “Twilight”. Staffer LaShebia Haskins took on the task with pleasure and competence; even AISD band director Kevin Heckaman had to bow to the demanding band students so they could attend AFTER they played at their football playoff game.

Book Discussion Group and Writers’ Interest Group: these two programs are now well-established, and continue to inspire inquiries from our patrons and other potential attendees. Staffer Lesa Boutin continues to work on her professional author skills (she’s publishing again next month) and plans a workshop for beginning writers in the near future.

Homeschool Activity Program: this new monthly event at Mont Belvieu is drawing huge numbers each month, evidence of the large homeschool population in the county. Kim Hart has been featuring science themes at these programs, to work with the curriculum areas used by these students. It’s also a great incentive to draw them to the libraries for additional materials from our shelves.

Pre-school and school-age programs: our traditional toddler story hours are very active at all three sites this year, thanks to our innovative children’s specialists. What they come up with each week is amazing. They are expanding services as well, with programming taken out to the schools, to Met HeadStart, and to other occasional special events.

AISD Life Skills Class visits: twice a week, the students in this special class visit the library, but they don’t just come in to use the computers or the books. They have added work projects to their line of competencies to develop, and the library reaps the reward!

And then there are the Anime Club, the Student Teen Advisory Board (STAB), the Library Advisory Board, the computer instruction classes, and the monthly film programs, all of which occurred in November before Thanksgiving. The staff members earned their time off, and still racked up impressive circulation figures to boot.

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