Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Summer Reading is in the house!

Chambers County Library System – June, 2013

·        17,928 people came through our doors during the month of June
·        3,196 attended programs
·        Total circulation for June: 34,019 (that’s 1/3 of our entire collection!)
You can definitely tell that Summer Reading is in full swing at the Chambers County libraries!

In June we welcomed two new staff members, Yolie Belt at Winnie, and Laura Foshee at Anahuac.  These two ladies are the new children’s librarians and bring a good deal of experience when it comes to working with kids.  After Summer Reading is over, they’ll start concentrating on story time, which will start again in September.  We’re glad to have them both on the CCLS team!

We also welcomed our much needed summer help the week before Summer Reading started.  Our hardworking kids include:  Melani Aguilar, Chase Archer, Dawn Davis, Sean LaFrentz, David Leaven, and Kenya Moore.  Their help is invaluable this time of year, assisting the staff at programs, Summer Reading sign-ups, keeping the books on the shelves, and much more.  We always appreciate the court’s generosity by allowing us these extra hands during our busiest time of year.  We also want to thank all the commissioners for allowing the libraries to use the community buildings.  When you have 100+ kids at a program, the meeting rooms just aren’t big enough.

June started off with a pre-Summer Reading program on the 7th.  The Ambassadors of Laughter program is associated with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  The circus makes their next stop in Beaumont and this allowed us to take advantage of their “Reading with Ringling” program.  Clowns, Dave and Cherie Gregg did magic tricks, juggled, read stories, and interacted with the kids.  Everyone loved it, and kids who participate in the Summer Reading Program receive free circus tickets after reading 12 books!  There’s still time to join! 

The following Monday officially began the Summer Reading Program.  Week 1 was kickoff week where the libraries had different activities going on to encourage participation and signups.  Sno-cones, popcorn, balloons, painted pet rocks, dirt cups, and much more were just a few of the exciting things happening.  Sheriff Brian Hawthorne was on site at the Winnie branch passing out sno-cones to kids and their parents.  We appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule!  Mont Belvieu passed out balloons and popcorn on day 1, and included a cryogenics program during the week, while Anahuac had different activities each day for the kids. 

During the six weeks of Summer Reading, we have a Fresh Start program available to patrons who have fines on their account.  This allows patrons to read down their fines, and for every 15 minutes read in the library, $2.00 will be waived from the account.  This doesn’t apply to outstanding items.  Several people have taken advantage of this opportunity and were very grateful to have their account in good standing just by reading a few pages! 

In other news, Anahuac Elementary brought their ESL summer school class on a tour of the library.  Staff members Michelle Mims & Laura Foshee led the tour showing the kids how the library works and they even enjoyed a story from Miss Laura!

Finally, County Librarian, Valerie Jensen and Assistant County Librarian, Annie Vass attended the latest committee meeting regarding the new library in Mont Belvieu.  We’re still making progress and once more details are available we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Until next month!

Sheriff Hawthorne passes out sno-cones at the Winnie branch during kick-off week

Ambassadors of Laughter, David & Cherie Gregg with the 
Winnie summer workers


Week 1 adult winner, Donna Boullion from Anahuac

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