Thursday, August 02, 2007


Library events and issues in July

A very successful Summer Reading Program concluded with a week of party events in mid-July. Children in Chambers County read 11,618 books in June and July as part of the Texas Reading Club, held at the three Chambers County libraries. The annual program, which is open to children from the ages of pre-K through 5th grade, ended in mid-July, with 606 children registering. A total of 1,470 adults, teens, and children attended 17 programs held during this time. Nearly 200 adults and teens enrolled in their own reading events, and read a total of 1,618 books.

The Friends of CCLS took advantage of the summer crowds, and staged a two-day Gently Used Book Sale at the West Chambers Branch. It was another huge success, and funds raised will be used to purchase additional programming supplies and equipment for the libraries.

After the sale, a representative from G.E. contacted the library. Employees are building a school in Pakistan, and our unsold children’s books will be heading there soon to help stock a library. Paperback books that have been removed from the library collections have been delivered to the County Jail and to Bayside Community hospital for the use of the inmates and patients.

We are having grave concerns about the state of our library software. We have begun to experience recurring crashes, and rebuilding the software has not created a stable result. After 12 years of use, we knew we were ready for a change, and have put a new software purchase into our budget request for 2008. Keeping the existing software running may not be possible until that occurs. Not having the software will affect the library’s webpage and all of the many functions that we perform in the library. It’s truly amazing how much technology impacts our work and our lives these days.

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